If Kentucky can’t elect anyone more qualified to sit in the U.S. Senate than Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, should its two seats be taken away and given to Washington, D.C.? After all, there are more people in the Washington metro area than in Kentucky.

If Trump had won a…

Mornings with the “Regulars”

Since I stopped going to the gym last March, I walk six mornings a week in Bay Park in East Rockaway on Long Island. Like the gym, the park has a group of regulars.

One of them is Barry, a slight man from Missouri who walks…

Dear President Donald J. Trump,

Kayleigh McEnany contacted Spinning Our Wheels — “D.C.’s Pedal Palace Since 1977” — about outfitting you with a bicycle and necessary gear after seeing Joe and Jill Biden riding their bikes in Delaware recently. We would be honored to take on this assignment, but before…


Mudville News — “All Mud, All the Time” — has learned that aides to Donald Trump handed “60 Minutes” producers a suggested list of a dozen questions they wanted Lesley Stahl to ask the president.

1. Hello, Mr. President. You are looking so…

I take nine pills at breakfast and five pills after my afternoon nap. Or is it the other way around?

Newsday prints lists of celebrities’ birthdays, and most mornings I haven’t heard of half of them.

There are more noises in my pants than there used to be, especially after…

Email August 28 to White House

Dear President Trump,

More, more, more! What a wonderful use of the South Lawn, all those amazing unmasked Caucasians crammed together to applaud and cheer the wisdom and decency you have brought to our country. And the Trump-Pence signs, made me so proud. …

Happy Birthday to Dwight McCoy who would have been 77 today.

Dear Dwight,

You wouldn’t recognize your country today. “Pussy” is now a word used on the front page of The New York Times. Not in the teasing sense of telling a buddy, “You’re a pussy.” …

Larry McCoy

Retired journalist, posts essays at larrymccoyonline.com, a new book, “Grandma Told Me To Never Believe Anything Grandpa Says,” is now available at book sellers

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